Friday Night Curry Night!

Do you find that you get frightened when you see a recipe that has a lot of spices or when someone tells you to ‘spice it up a little’? Spices create incredible flavours especially when cooking delicious samosas. Have no fear, filo pastry is nothing to fear!

Friday night isn’t all about getting ready to go out anymore, many have become foodies enjoying delicious, good quality food after a hard working week. We prefer to cook a lovely dinner and stay in, one it’s much cheaper, two there is no pressure in your own home and three you can have whatever you like.

This Friday night for Jane and Judy in the kitchen making Indian inspired samosas. Samosas are easy to make, and even easier to disappear.


What we want to do is help everyone cook with confidence. We have videoed a demonstration in folding samosas for your perfect Friday night curry night! There is no need for that Indian takeaway on speed dial!

Watch our video!

Samosa Demo