Review of classic lasagne

After the October heat wave and sudden drop in temperature over the last few days; walking into a kitchen filled with the aroma of homemade bolognaise and béchamel sauce warmed my cockles.

As a guest I was treated to homemade lasagne with garlic bread, a feta side salad and Davidsons chilled sweet corn. This creamy bolognaise sauce hadn’t lost one jot of its tomato-laden, bacon-kissed suavity whilst simmering in the oven. “Sauce” is too prosaic a term for the pungent, earthy silkiness that was presented before me. Using a new technique, the peppers must have begged for the honour of giving their lives away to be part of this kaleidoscope of palate pleasing taste sensation. I was only left wanting for the hearty tones of a simmered bay leaf.

For dessert; a strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake. Aesthetically, the ugly duckling, to taste, the purest plumaged white swan. A dish which wouldn’t look out of place in an earthquake wreckage site was cleverly decorated with melted white chocolate and fresh strawberries. The cheese was smooth and sweet and complimented the main dish perfectly. In all a perfect outcome to a cold October Friday evening.

Main: 8/10 Dessert 7/10