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has been achieved 
solely by 
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Jane and Judy Testimonials

Well what a BLAST ! Dearest Judy, thank you and Jane and your beautiful son and all your staff for making, what seems to have been, a blast of a party. The phone calls/emails keep coming and everyone, but everyone is saying how much they loved, loved your food. Thank you darling for making it such a great day and for taking all the pressure away ! Love to you all, Sally and Tim

Once again my dear friend, a total TRIUMPH. Thank you so very, very much. The feedback has been just the best and your food and your care and your lovely staff ............. Thank you.

Dear Jane and Judy Another fabulous demonstration day on Friday - huge thanks. We all thought those were some of the best recipes ever, although we say that every time. Huge thanks again and Merry christmas to you both and your families.

Our Autumn and Christmas demonstration classes are now available!